This guy is WildBoar Scafa: Simple and very compact learning tool "nano kernel" for Itanium  processor environment (IA64)   Direct link to the source code of WBS 


Intel's Itanium Systems Architecture and System Programmer's guide has 676 pages and about 30 lines of example code (one line/20 pages). My code can be seen as a manual extension: about 1500 code lines makes 2 lines/ manual page. It is by no means a full scale operating system but a learning tool.

Key words:  kernel, tutorial, Itanium, ia64, HW/SW- interface, system call (API), conext switch, pre-emptive, semaphore, message, shared memory, virtual memory, TLB- translations, backing store, RSE, demand paging, epc, test task.

An other small exercise: Linux kernel (3.2.0) module (LKM) rootkit, links:



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