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        (src is only few kilobytes)

Linux is very sensitive to versions. Used tools:

        Downloaded archives include one compiled binary ./build/wbs, which can be tested with ski without compilation:
        >ski wbs
        >bs receive


      >bs T7_sub and  >bs sem_wait

See testing documentation (binary sources come with the semaphore test version tasks 5,6)
See ./build map. Tasks variables are on region 4 and kernel region 0.
This means that for example contents of correct can be seen as:
dj 4000000000056098 not dj 56098

(.sbss          0x0000000000056098       0x28 T7_task.o
                0x0000000000056098                correct)

regards: Tuomo Kortesmaa

Comments and feedback are appreciated: isosika (AT)

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